Hebrews 5-7: Jesus’ Ongoing Priestly Role


Sermon Outline

Text: Hebrews 7:23-28


  • Happy Father’s Day
  • As a father of 3 boys, myself, I wanted to extend a hearty thank you to all the fathers because you and I know that we don’t get enough thanks
  • For Mother’s Day, the family does homemade breakfast and handwritten cards
  • But for Father’s Day, you’re lucky if you get a tie with a label sticker–To: Day, From: Family
  • It’s understandable that mothers get a lot of appreciation because I liken them to tar
  • If kids are like ships, moms are like tar to waterproof the inside of the ships so that there are no leaks
  • Without moms, kids will sink, they won’t survive
  • But dads, we are like the sails–we provide the ships with direction
  • It’s a big responsibility as fathers to provide materially, to protect and most of all, to provide direction in life
  • My dad is in the audience
  • Growing up, I was shy, not very verbal
  • Whenever I got into a fight with someone at school, I had only one comeback–yeah, well my dad is smarter than your dad
  • That worked for a while in elementary school
  • It didn’t work in junior high – I started taking tae kwon do and from then on, I had to let my fists do the talking
  • My dad provided a lot of direction for me throughout my 40 years
  • To this day, he is still giving me advice in the form of Wall Street Journal and NY Times articles
  • Younger days, I read articles about academics and how the US is behind the rest of the world, esp.
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Hebrews 4 and 5: Jesus, Our Great High Priest


Sermon Outline

Text: Heb 4:14-16; Heb 5:1-10

Seniors final service – Phil 3

  • Congratulations – graduating from Caltech is not easy
  • I remember when I was a senior in 1996, I thought I was the next Billy Graham
  • I wanted to be a pastor who changed the world for Christ
  • God in His wisdom, didn’t let me pastor right away – he had me wait 15 years
  • Life is hard
  • One chance at life
  • Phil 3 – Gain Christ
  • Make it your life goal to know Christ
  • Make him the #1 aim of your life, above vocation/career, above church, above ministry, above good works and helping others


  • Incarnation
  • Word of God becomes flesh
  • Thank you to Jessica and Sophia for their courage
  • John Shen shared last weekend some deep struggles
  • Christians don’t have it altogether
  • If you could eavesdrop in some of my prayers, you might be scandalized
  • We are all works in progress
  • Not a community of performance
  • Wearing suit and tie and smiling politely – isn’t God good?
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Hebrews 3-4: Fight for Your Rest



John Shen’s testimony:


Sermon Outline
Text: Heb 4:1-13


  • I’ve heard from a number of you now that my sermons are a bit “heavy,” some have used the word “dense”
  • I prefer “profound” or “substantial” or “thought-provoking”
  • But instead, I get heavy and dense
  • Sounds like a Ruth Chris steak covered with mashed potatoes drenched in gravy with shoestring fries on top
  • Today, I hope to give you an appetizer – quinoa salad
  • Looking over my notes, I am not sure if I succeeded

Visited Jackie’s sister’s family

  • Getting lost in San Jose for about an hour in their neighborhood
  • Went for a prayer walk without my cell phone
  • I’m directionally challenged, but this time wasn’t my fault
  • I wanted to go in a square around the block but I realized soon enough that their streets do not connect
  • So I was lost
  • Eyes started to play tricks on me – little child kneeling down – freaky, too many horror movies growing up
  • Dark, disoriented – panic
  • All these questions bombarded me: what if I have to sleep on the grass, what if I have to go to the bathroom, what if Jackie gets worried, how is she going to find me?
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A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’

This article was written by Gordon Marino, a professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College and the editor of “The Quotable Kierkegaard.”

Student advisees often come to my office, rubbing their hands together, furrowing their brows and asking me to walk along with them as they ponder life after graduation. Just the other day, a sophomore made an appointment because he was worrying about whether he should become a doctor or a philosophy professor.…

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