John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll: Opposing Views on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In case you missed what is happening in recent weeks between John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll, here is a quick summary.

John MacArthur just came out with this book:

Mark Driscoll came out with a book which has a chapter in it where he takes the complete opposite position as MacArthur:

Here is a review of Driscoll’s book by Tim Challies:

John MacArthur recently hosted a conference about his book:

Mark Driscoll went to MacArthur’s conference to “give away” his book:

Driscoll went online and publicly invited John MacArthur to come attend his conference so that the two could publicly debate:

Tim Challies interviews John MacArthur after this public spectacle:

Tim Challies interviews John MacArthur (part 2):

John Piper gives his reaction to John MacArthur:

John Piper speaks about prophecy today:

A Pentecostal perspective:

I am a continuationist, but I will save my full explanation for a later time.